V53040156 – FDLE VECHS program (Kipe Academy Volunteer)

FDLE Approved Livescan Fingerprint Service Provider serving Lakeland, FL

V53040156 – FDLE VECHS program (Kipe Academy Volunteer)

If you need your fingerprints scanned for your new career in Lakeland, Florida, and have been told to use ORI# V53040156, you’ve found the right place!  Lakeland Fingerprinting offers FDLE LiveScan fingerprinting, and your scans are submitted directly to the FDLE on your behalf.

V53040156 – FDLE VECHS program (Kipe Academy Volunteer)

ORI#: V53040156 Agency:

FDLE Fingerprinting Services in Lakeland Florida by FDLE Approved Lakeland Fingerprinting

About Lakeland Fingerprinting

Lakeland Fingerprinting is an approved FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) LiveScan electronic fingerprinting service provider located conveniently in Downtown Lakeland Florida.

With appointments available from 10:00AM to 4:00PM, our goal is to be the most accessible and cost effective fingerprint service in the Lakeland area.

These electronic fingerprints are used for level two background check in Florida for individuals requiring fingerprinting for ORI  code V53040156 – FDLE VECHS program (Kipe Academy Volunteer).

Florida DBPR (Department of Business & Professional Regulation) is the governing body that monitors the licensing of various professions, including those that require fingerprinting by ORI Code V53040156 – FDLE VECHS program (Kipe Academy Volunteer).  Rules and regulations for every individual are determined by the DBPR and every individual must pass a background check and meet the minimum requirement for the profession.

At Lakeland Fingerprinting, we applaud your decision to enter your profession, and look forward to submitting your FDLE Livescan results to help you get or maintain your professional position.

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