We appreciate you searching our website for ORI # FL920610Z; however, we do not do concealed weapons permit fingerprint live scans. This is for a couple of different reasons:

  1. ORI # FL920610Z requires additional licensing, which we decided not to apply for because of reason #2 below.
  2. Our location is inside the #1 pack and ship store in Lakeland, Goin’ Postal Lakeland. As you can imagine, if someone we fingerprinted was ever less than ethical & it came out that they got their fingerprints done at a place called Goin’ Postal… We’re sure you get it.

So what can you do if you need your fingerprints for a concealed weapon in Lakeland?

Our recommended provider for concealed weapons fingerprinting in Polk County is the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Each of its five substations is equipped with the ability to do both livescans and rolled fingerprints:

FL920610Z Concealed Weapons Permit